ASR Courtsey Inspection

309 S LINK LN.
(970) 449-9742
Odometer: 224875

Today's Requests

Valpak oil Change Special. Change engine oil and filter

Intial Checks

Dash Fault Indicator lights.
Window Wipers / Washer
Front Exterior Lights
Rear Exterior Lights

Under hood checks / Fluid Levels / Conditions

Fluids Check (Dap-a-lube tray)
Technician Note: Brake fluid is dirty and test strip shows the fluid is contaminated. To prevent brake system failures recommend flushing the brake system. Power steering fluid is dirty recommend flushing power steering system. Flushing with extend the life of the pump and prevent seal leaks.
Recommendation: Replace the brake fluid by flushing the brake system. Clean the power steering system with BG Quick Clean and run the engine. they flush with BG power steering fluid till system is clean and full of new clean fluid.
Engine Oil
Brake Fluid
Technician Note: Our inspection showed that your brake fluid is contaminated with high levels of copper and moisture. We recommend a Brake Fluid Flush every 30,000 miles or every other year. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture. Contaminated brake fluid can cause multiple brake and ABS component failures which can become very costly.
Recommendation: Brake flush is required at this time. The brake fluild tested to have high levels of contaminates.
Power Steering System
Technician Note: Our inspection showed your vehicles Power Steering Fluid is very dirty. Contaminated fluid can cause power steering pump and or power steering rack & pinion failure which can result in a loss of steering ability. Power steering system is under Constant High Pressures and Lots of heat is created under pressure. The fluid oxidizes (turns dark in color) and breaks down causing power steering system and seal failures.
Recommendation: We recommend a power steering fluid flush every 30,000 miles or every other year to condition seals and provide smooth operation.
Transmission Fluid (Check w/dipstick)
Engine Coolant/ Antifreeze condition
Inspect Radiator & Hoses
Inspect Drive Belts
Battery / battery cables
Air Filter
Under Hood Leaks
Technician Note: Valve cover gasket is showing signs of break down and is leaking engine oil. Engine valve cover and valve cover gasket are used to seal in oil and keep dirty out of the vlavetrain. Each cylinder head has a valve cover.
Recommendation: I would recommend to reseal the top valve covers and intake manifold
Timing Belt
Other under hood problems

Under Car / Brakes / Suspension / alignment

Inspect Brakes
Inspect Front Suspension
Technician Note: The front shocks are showing signs of leakage. The shock is filled with oil. When the oil leaks out the strut fails to work properly and absorb road shock. The tire fails to maintain proper road contact while hiting bumps.
Recommendation: Recommend replacing leaking shocks
Inspect Rear Brakes
Inspect Rear Suspension
Technician Note: Rear shocks are leaking too
Recommendation: During our inspection we noticed that you shock absorbers are worn. Shock absorbers help dampen vertical motion; they help release the energy built up in the car's springs. Worn rear-shocks can cause fluid leakage, bottoming out, excessive bouncing after coming to a stop and "clunking" noises over bumps.
Inspect Exhaust System
Drive Line / U-Joints
CV Axles / Axle Seal
Under Car Leaks
Inspect Tire wear
Report Prepared On 3/17/2017