MMW Inspection Rev2

(678) 809-6531
2008 BMW 535I

Odometer: 158605

Today's Requests

C/S CEL on dash intermittently, Happens under boost. Check CEL's and advise
Technician Note: It is advised to replace wastegate vacuum lines although there are no codes currently. There are codes for o2 sensor signal post cat and a too rich at cruise code. Possible failed injector leaking too much fuel causing this code or the o2 sensor itself is dying. Pulled plugs to see that cylinder 3 injector is sticking causing over fueling which explains the code. It is advised to replace bank 1 injectors and test drive vehicle to monitor o2s after repair.

Vehicle Road Test

Inspect Vehicle for any body damage, scratches, dents, etc.
Inspect Air Conditioning Operation and Functionality.
Test Drive Vehicle and Note any Issues with Drivability
Technician Note: Thrust arms failing, clunk and groan under load


Battery Age/Condition


Cabin Air Filter
Technician Note: Air filter is dusty
Air Filter
Technician Note: Air Filter is Dirty Air filters need to be cleaned and reoiled for proper function


Inspect Vacuum System - Intake Boots, Crank Case Vent System, Idle Control, Evap, Secondary Air Injection
Technician Note: Wastegate vacuum lines are oil damaged and chaffing which is causing them to unbraid. Its recommended to replace at this time. Records don't show any proof of replacement.
Inspect Cooling System - Radiator (Plastic end tanks), Upper & Lower Hoses, Expansion Tank, Bleed Screw, Upper and Lower Expansion Tank Hoses, Thermostat Housing & Thermostat, Inspect Water Pump, Fan Functionaily, Fan Clutch if Equipped, Heater Core Hoses
Technician Note: Expansion tank and cap are original and shows signs of imminent failure. Discolouration on the cap and tank are weak point for failure. Upper radiator hose quick connects showing signs of possible failure as well due to discolouration and is original as well. Head to thermostat crossover hose swollen and are known failure points. Running green coolant
Inspect Drive Belts, Tensioners, & Pullies
Technician Note: Belts showing acute signs of cracking in the rubber and pulley wear. Highly recommended to replace before a failure occurs.
Inspect Engine Mounts
Technician Note: At current mileage it's recommended to replace when doing a oil pan gasket. Motor has moderate play from side to side.
Spark Plugs


Front Pads/Rotors
Rear Pads/Rotors
Brake Fluid


Inspect Front and Rear Tires for health
Technician Note: Rear tires are not suffering from camber wear but a slight amount of toe which is normal for E60 chassis. The tires are suffer from over/under pressurising causing a bow like wear to the tire.


Inspect Control Arms, Bushings, Tie Rods, and Sway Endlinks
Technician Note: Front thrust arms faulty. Notable clunk under braking and turning. They are also original.
Inspect Rear Subframe, Differential, and bushings
Technician Note: Rear upper control arms sweating grease from balljoints boots. No play exhibited and does not affect alignment
Inspect Shock Assemblies - Dampening/Rebound, Leaks, Strut Hats/Camber Plates, Shaft Play
Technician Note: Fronts are losing dampening ability due to age.
Road Test - Vehicle Alignment


Inspect Wheel Bearings / Hubs

Oil Leaks

Inspect Transmission and Differential for leaks
Technician Note: Although there is a lot of engine oil on the transmission oil pan there is evidence of it leaking. It is also sweating at the electronic connect plug seal.
Oil Leaks: Valve Covers, Oil Filter Housing, Oil Pan, etc
Power Steering Leaks

Wiper Blades

Check Wiper Blades
Washer Fluid

Diagnostic Scan

Scan all modules- Print vehicle stored messages

Check All Fluids for Service Due

Engine Oil Change Due
Technician Note: Needs to do 5k oil changes
Differential Fluid
Technician Note: 100k service
Power Steering Fluid
Technician Note: Needs flush and resevoir
Engine Coolant
Technician Note: Has green coolant, not good for the water pump
Transmission Fluid
Technician Note: 100k service


Bulb Checks
Report Prepared On 5/11/2017